“Executing an ROI-driven social media campaign that achieves optimum results is just part of what White Maqui offers.”

Influencer Marketing


We are brand and influencer matchmakers. Our network of over 5,000+ influencers has a potential reach of 100+ million followers. To find your optimum influencers we narrow the search to a bespoke circle and negotiate the very best fit for your brand. We recognise when influencer marketing is the most effective tool available and how you can use it when other strategies won’t work. While we work closely with influencers to create content tailored to your brand, we never design exhaustive, single use content or campaigns. We take great care to create content that is multi-purpose so you get the best value for your money.

Paid Advertising

Reporting Results


With the social landscape constantly shifting, paid advertising remains an essential tool in powerful community and brand building. To get value from your ad spend we work hard to find a compelling point of difference from the competition. Whether your goal is to drive sales or raise awareness, we develop highly targeted, creative social ad campaigns that deliver results.


We’ve said it before, this is where success lies. Digging into the results and amending the strategy is one of the most significant, impactful things we will do for you.